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Sales team Tracking Software is essential for firms looking to increase sales and manage operations efficiently. It allows sales professionals to effectively manage their roles, prospects, and customer connections, while also giving management real-time access into field activities and outcomes. GPS tracking, simple dashboards, lead management solutions all help to make it easier teamwork and job management. Better transparency, automated procedures, thorough sales statistics, and happier customers are all advantages that help businesses expand and become more efficient. Having the proper software for your company may help your sales staff become more effective and profitable.


Sales Genie

Easy To Use And Install On Android Mobiles.
Track Daily Sales Calls & Visits.
GPS Based Sales Management App.
Stay Connected With Your Team.
Improve Sales Level Monitoring.
Easy Client Management.

Sales Genx

Instant Courtesy Notifications & Alerts.*
Complete Management By Mobile App.
Low Bandwidth Requirement On Mobiles.
Instant New Meeting Alerts To Sales Reps.*
Reduce Data Collection Time & Focus On Analysis.

Service Genie

Spot Sales Performers & Defaulters.
Instant News Ticker for Sales Updates.
Add client visit based conveyance costs.
Various Alerts & Notifications.
Ready To Review Sales Reports.
Calculate Client Acquisition Costs.
Sales Management App

More Than 5,000 Active Users Rely on Sales Genie

How To Use - Simple Steps

  • Register & Choose Your Plan Online.
  • Login On Web-Based / App-Based Dashboard Add Sales Team Member With Basic Details.
  • Install Sales Genie Mobile App On Sales Team Mobiles Allow Location Sharing While Installation Login With Username / Password.
  • Track Daily Sales Leads & Visits By Sales Rep.
  • Analysis Weekly / Monthly Sales Report Analysis /Time Management By Sales Rep /Spot Sales Performers & Defaulters.

Sign Up Features

Real-Time GPS location.
Geo, time-tagged attendance
Location specific attendance*
Daily visit logs.*
Conveyance Management
Sales managers access reports online
Add new client data with GPS info
Assign the task to users nearest to the client
Send communication via Notifications


Compatible with Android 4 & Above
Google Maps & Gps-Based
Support Smart Phones Only
Secured Data & Management
Pre-Integrated Web Hosting With Client URL

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